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We are convinced that good food is essential for a successful holiday. With pride in our cuisine, we offer you: Breakfast on the verandah with a lavish sweet and savoury buffet: home-made cakes, cold cuts, cheeses, fruit, eggs, croissants, doughnuts and other delicious treats. In our restaurant you always have a choice of 2 menus, one fish and one meat, accompanied by a varied buffet of vegetables and salads, hors d’oeuvres and delicacies such as pizzas, flatbreads, piadina, traditional fried foods, etc., etc. .... To conclude, a wide choice of desserts, including our Chef Michele’s mouthwatering home-made sweets, or fresh fruit salads. Not to mention:

For children: earlier dining times are available, with baby and toddler foods, vegetable broths and puréed vegetable soups;
For older children: alternative meals are available.

For food allergy sufferers, going on holiday may be a problem, especially if you don't choose the right hotel.

At the Brig, we pay particular attention to food allergies and intolerances and prepare gluten- or lactose-free dishes or vegetarian meals. Our focus on cuisine for special dietary needs began in response to requests from guests and has been perfected over the years. Our staff member in charge of this area is very much aware of the problems due to personal experience, and has studied the subject in depth. At Hotel Brig we do not have special menus for allergy sufferers; instead, we adapt our dishes to our individual guests' needs on a daily basis. We do not keep a stock of specific products, but we are willing to receive them from our guests for cooking. Everything is controlled with great care, starting from the ingredients for the individual dishes, whether for separate cooking or for inclusion in our recipes. We have established a line within our kitchen where the chefs process these foods separately from the other fare. Often, allergy sufferers tend to feel self-catering holidays are advisable, and choose an apartment rather than a hotel. Our aim is to ensure that food allergies do not reduce the pleasure of going on holiday

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